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What does a man desire most in his life? A small and happy family comprising of a beautiful wife, a secure future, a roof over his head, and a comfortable place to live in. Balajeet Roy [Sanjay Dutt] thought he had it all, with his lovely wife Nisha [Celina Jaitley], he was beginning to feel comfortable in the city of his dreams – Bangkok!

Bangkok – a city that promised to give him everything that he ever wanted! Bangkok – a city that took away everything from him that he ever had! In the company of Nisha, things always seemed promising. Life took a turn for better when Nisha realized that she was going to give him a baby soon.

A bizarre turn of events shatters Bala’s happiness and he finds himself locked up at an unknown location. Now he must live within the confines of a small, dark, dirty room where his only link to civilization is an old television set!

What is his crime? Where is this place? Who are his captors? When would he come out?

No one knows this, not even Bala, because in spite of all his cries to the outside world, no one is willing to respond. He is there all alone and his one and only option in life is to wait.

His wait lasts for an entire 14 years. Now he is no longer a human being, he is an animal. He has waited for all these years to discover two things that matter most in his life. What is his crime and who are his captors? He has built up his fighting skills while being held captive, hoping to exact revenge on his release. So does he get a chance to take revenge? YES!

After a long wait for 14 years, just as quickly as he found himself bundled in a room, the same way he finds himself facing the world. A world that has changed drastically since the time he last set his foot out. But would this world allow him to live his life normally? Would he be ever able to reach his captors? Would he be ever able to know the root cause of all the mishaps in his life? Is this is a good enough time for him to explore all the secrets that changed his life forever? Because time is something that he lacks in a big way. He has just four days and in these four days he realizes that his freedom too was a part of the plan. The plan of the same people who got him in and have let him out now!

Is this an even worse phase of his life? In this complex plot, what role does Rohit Chopra [John Abraham] play? Who is Jenny [Lara Dutta] and does Joy Fernandes [Mahesh Manjrekar] have any influence in Bala’s life?

Is Bala back to being ‘Zinda’ [alive] or was the semi-dead state in captivity far better?


Starring Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley

Directed by Sanjay Gupta

Produced by Sanjay Gupta

Locations: Bangkok, Thailand, Mumbai, India

Released: 12 January, 2006

Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery