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Iím proud of my nude scene!í

June 01, 2009 - Source: Mumbai Mirror
Newcomer Maradona Rebello sought his parents’ approval before doing his bare-all scene in his debut film

Ranbir Kapoor dropped his towel in Saawariya and John Abraham’s butt became the talking point of the town with Dostana and now young Maradona Rebello has done it in his very first film. Yes, he has bared his butt for the audience to see but it’s not for cheap publicity. The 22-year-old newcomer who’s making his debut in the Sanjay Gupta film Pankh, says he’s got some extreme reactions from people, after a publication released a picture of that particular scene. “I didn’t know this scene would be out before the movie’s release, so I wasn’t prepared for them,” he says. But it is this scene that has got into trouble with the censor board. “First of all, I would like to make it clear that one should not assume it’s a bedroom scene just because it’s a nude scene. Secondly, I knew before signing the film that there is a scene like this. I took the approval of my parents before saying yes and I’m proud of it!” he says. 
The particular scene was shot along with Lilette Dubey, who plays his mother in the film. “Lilette was very supportive and we were given the best possible provision to shoot it,” he says. For a newcomer, doing a scene like this can be quite awkward but Maradona denies there was anything of that sort. “Initially it was scary but after reading the script, I realised how important this scene is to the film and even my parents gave me a green signal,” he says. The actor believes that the film will lose out on some aspects if the said scene is deleted from it. “There is a strong current of sexuality running through the movie. This scene has been incorporated beautifully and is an important scene to retain,” Maradona adds.